3rd Party Inspection Services
Raghu Vamsi extends its In House Quality Equipment for 3rd party Inspection Services. With the existing expertise in inspecting and understanding the Domestic & International customer requirements Raghu Vamsi helps the SME’s and Customers by catering their CMM, Profile Projector & Production Parts inspection requirements.

Some of the services include the following:
  • Preparing the Inspection Test Plan for the drawings provided for all the Drawing Features
  • Incoming / Receiving Inspection – Or Sampling Basis / 100%.
  • In Process Inspection – As Per Quality Plan / Inspection Plan.
  • Pre Shipment Inspection – Sampling Basis / 100%.
  • Sorting & Minor Rework of Parts.
  • Real Time Data Capturing & Analysis Of Data – Quality Consultancy services for PPAP/SPC/MSA.